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The national team of Serbia Canoe Kayak made the preparation of our hotel.

The championship canoe kayak and this year will be held in our city.

Friday, February 20, 2015 Next Wednesday following the second part of shooting in studio conditions. This time we will try the application of light on a black background through different techniques and types of lighting to create another set of amazing portraits !!! The photographers let's prepare the machines, models impressive hairstyles and clothes and viewers their disposal an impressive workshop! We expect all of you !!! Meeting Venue: Hotel Theoxenia
  Meeting Time: 19: 30

The "We live in Greece ', the only daily live broadcast relied on tourism, culture and supports the Region and the Greek products, found yesterday afternoon at Missolonghi and makes shooting. The show displayed in Neritan from Monday, February 16 and each afternoon (Monday to Friday) at 13.00. Filming with unique images from Missolonghi will be screened next week. The Renia Tsitsimpikou and Peter Koumplis us traveling to every corner of Greece through reportage for known and unknown destinations, starring people. Fascinating stories with unique background images of Greek nature: couples who chose to leave the city to find in the countryside, young people involved in alternative forms of tourism and families dealing exclusively with new crops. Local actors, groups, associations and representatives of voluntary organizations, famous people of art and culture will be at the studio of the show, while "Greek flavor" will give the 'goodies' each place.

February 14 Your Messolonghi Carnival invites you to the Carnival Dance "Come loved Darling» Event will join Music and Not Only Unique Rebet Against Hotel Theoxenia Restaurant Tourlida 2 Missolonghi Entrance 3 Euro Price Bottle 35 Euro Rebet Against The first nucleus of the group was created in 2001 by George Stafrakelli, Gianna Maistrelli, Isidore and Kostas Papageorgiou Vyras while on the road and added other members growing the company (and the state) of schimatos.Enas core sends an independent demo that and shared online by Rebet and containing remixes rebetika and traditional songs adapted to the measures and the style of the band. A band in the summer of 2009 he played support to Locomondo wresting the good words of the great groups and the public, but did not get the same from the actual interest and the real purpose: to create melodies and lyrics starting rebetiko will lead to new musical paths and ways