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Ancient city of Aetolia in Evinos river near the Corinthian Gulf. Its founder, according to legend was Kalydon, son of Aetolia and Welfare. The Calydon played an important role in the Aetolian confederacy and enjoyed its heyday in the 2nd century BC In Calydon sent the goddess Artemis kalydonio Capri, the famous wild boar, to avenge the disrespect of the king Oineas.




Located between Missolonghi and Etolikou on the slopes of Mount Arakynthos. Two low hills Petrovouni and Gyftokastro retain remnants of an ancient wall. Impressive are the monuments of the new Plevrona, ranging from the highway to the summit, where the citadel, known as Castle Mama Rene. The wall of Plevrona had 7 gates and 36 towers, and near the west gate are the remains of buildings and a small theater with wonderful views.





Ancient city of Acarnania to the west of the mouth of the Achelous in ochyrotati position. Reported by Thucydides that during the struggle the Athenians and Peloponnesians were allies of the Corinthians, so it was besieged by Pericles, but without success. General Phormio forced her to join the alliance of Athens in 428 BC, 331p.Ch. conquered by the Aetolians and released 313p.Ch. Cassander. With the invasion of the Romans, the city was handed back to Acarnanians. Today there are remnants of the city in a position Trikardokastro. During the summer held the "Festival Oiniades" under which presents several theatrical performances and concerts.