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House Trikoupi


In this he was born, raised and lived the historian Spyridon Trikoupis. In the same house he lived and his son Charilaos, politician, and many times prime minister of our country. The mansion, perhaps the oldest building in the city, is located near the lagoon. Built in 1840 by the Apostles and Themistocles Trikoupis uncles Harilaos. This house still retains its first architectural simplicity. Two floors with three balconies, this is an ordinary house with no architectural luxury, in contrast with what was happening in other mansions of Missolonghi. The house was donated to the Municipality by the offspring of Trikoupis, former MP K. Trikoupi and acts as a museum Trikoupis. Good description of the museum there in his book No. Kavagia "The Museum of Trikoupi family."



House Palamas


In this house was born in 1722 the founder of the palms and teacher of our race Panagiotis Palamas. In the same house and was the national poet Kostis Palamas. The house, located opposite the house Trikoupis. The facade is decorated with arches and a glazed terrace, which gives a special tone and sets it apart from other houses. In the halls of exhibits there (both written and photographic equipment, personal items, utensils, etc.) from the life and work of poet Mesolonghi.



House Valvi


This home housed political Zafeirio-Zenobius Valvi. Built with the same architectural simplicity and built his house Charilaos Trikoupis. This building along with the valuable library of the Prime Minister was donated by the heirs of the Municipality of Missolonghi (in 1962) and now used as a municipal library. It is worth noting that Valveios Public Library was established on 11/12/1963 as the same entity of the City Missolonghi. In December 1965 the North West (105) was named "Valveios" in honor of Zafiriou Valvi. In October 1983 "opened" to the public. The approximately 20,000 volumes are classified in accordance with international decimal classification system (Dewey Decimal Classification). Among these are old versions of Venice, Leipzig and Smyrna and a part of a personal library of late Panagiotis Kanellopoulos, who also donated to the municipality. The same building housed temporarily and the Historical Archive of the State (the law Aitoloakarnanias).


Byron House


In this position, the depth seems a marble stele with a relief bust of Byron, was one of the Kapsaleika homes where he stayed and died Byron Ave. This column is for the professor of the Polytechnic Ant. Sochos and dedicated students of the University of Athens in 1924. Prior to this monument in 1973 by the Association Embellishing Missolonghi built small square called "Plaza Ave Byron." His home was at Byron High School for Boys, just behind his house lawyer O. Nider and destroyed by the bombing of Kapsalis. Along with this new building was built (1996-97) to house all located in Greece memorabilia of the poet and benefactor of Missolonghi. The building is not used and has not yet developed its surroundings.