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Monastery of St. Simeon



   In the picturesque slopes of Libra, 8 km from Missolonghi, the monastery of St. Symiou built during the Ottoman era, in 1740 and was the refuge of thieves of Arakynthos. When was the Exodus of the garrison of Missolonghi, the monastery 't Ai Symiou was defined as a gathering place for fighters to help "Exodites." Unfortunately the plan was changed because Karaiskakis successor to Generalissimo K. Botsaris. Thus, "Exodites" arrived at the monastery not find help and because of that were in the ravine to attack the Albanian cavalry. The monastery was destroyed after he was set on fire by the armies of Ibrahim Kioutachis. Rebuilt by Archimandrite Ioannikios Aggeletos the year 1836. Since then, established the transition celebrants at the monastery during the feast of the Presentation (February 2) and rigged and mounted celebrants on the day of Pentecost. Ai-Symio will see the beautiful Byzantine church, the cells, the shelter of the celebrants, the large white cross that we set up in memory of the fallen fighters and enjoy the beautiful landscape as shaped by the eternal trees and pines neophyte. The monastery was renovated in 1973 with funds from the Diocese Aitolo / ment and care of the Reverend Mr. Theoklitos.


Mary Finikias

foinikia_resizeA church a few miles outside Missolonghi on the way to Aetoliko, in the "Palm tree". Nestled in the waters of the lagoon, was the canteen of Lord Byron. In this area came with the philhellene Gaitis of Gazi to rest.



St Spiridon


The Ag . Spyridon is the patron saint of Missolonghi . Every year in the celebrations of the Exodus from this church starts the procession , which is directed to the Garden of Heroes , passing through the city .




St Paraskevi


The church of Agia Paraskevi is located outside the garden of Heroes . Here met the chieftains of Messolonghi decided the Exodus .