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Museum of History and Art municipality Missolonghi


The museum is housed in a two-storey neoclassical building of 1931. The museum's collection includes original paintings and copies of scenes of Exodus Mesologi, portraits philhellenes and Greek chieftains, authentic 1837 prints of Friedel, 1826 guns, coins and medals, plaster busts of five Mesologi Premiers. Still be exposed objects and manuscripts of Lord Byron, surrounded by pictures of his two trips to Greece and the embryo from the marble statue, located in Cambridge. Some of the most important exhibits are: I. Vryzakis, the output of Missolonghi. "The building was previously used to house the Town Hall.



Center for Art and Literature "DIEXODOS"


The vent is located downtown, on a pedestrian street, in a two-storey 18th century building, total area 400sq.m, renovated in 1999. In this he was born in 1798 and lived elected by the militants of Missolonghi overall leader, General Athanasios Kotsikas-Razi. Includes a ground-floor multipurpose room 180t.m., a room 80sq.m. the first floor and a terrace first floor is also 110sq.m, which can be used for speech events, art and film projection with 110 seats or 150 people for banquets



Folklore Museum


   The Folk-Cultural Association of Missolonghi was the No. 305/19-12-1996 Instance Court decision of Missolonghi. Association is a non-profit. The purpose of the Association is to contribute to the development of the educational level of our people and strengthen the culture of our city and region.




Gallery Chris and Sophia Moschandreou


The building was constructed on the Gallery in 1835, renovated in the most katalllilo way. The work funded entirely by the family Moschandreou without subsidies and without any aid. The agency covers the application of concepts of the founders of the nonprofit. The Gallery Christos and Sophia are Moschandreou Museum contains paintings, prints and sculptures by Greek artists of the 20th century. The Gallery is open everyday (except Mondays) 11:00 a.m. to 1.00 pm