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lagoon1_resize   The main attraction is the natural lagoon. The lagoon is divided into three parts, Kleisova lagoons of Missolonghi and Etoliko. All of this sea area together with the non cultivable beaches that environment is an important wetland. In the waters of the lagoon hiding the Kleisova the Vasiladi, Ai-Sostis, the Schinias the Prokopanistos, blurred, Paleopotamos the dolmades and Poros, uninhabited islands that played an important role in the liberation struggle of the Greeks. In all these islands operate farms producing the famous Mesolonghi fish. With a motorboat, you can visit all the Fish Farming in a day. The extent of lagoon covers 131 km squares output reaches 800,000 kilos of fish, 100,000 pounds and 1,500 pounds eel roe. The lagoon is ideal for walking, especially at the hour of sunset when the colors that paint the water to travel to exotic places. Very characteristic are the traditional homes of the fishermen that are built into the water, so-called "pelades."


The Port

limani_resize   Very beautiful is the port of Missolonghi. The depth of the lagoon is small. Large ships do not sail. The port of Missolonghi, since it began operating the ferry Rio-Antirio, shows no movement. They move only Mesolonghi and Aitoliotika boats, occasionally moor and no foreign ship with a cargo of flour or wood. But what it lacks in movement is gaining appeal with alternating colors and dinner kathreptisma west. Why is not excessive, that the sunset lagoon is one of the best in the world. Today the port are the Customs, the Offices of the Coast Fund Acarnania stores the Agricultural Bank and the Economic Chamber. There is also a small outdoor theater (a work of the Coast Fund). Moreover there are many clubs that gather Mesologi and foreigners throughout the year but especially during the summer (the Refreshments, Restaurant-Bar-Pool Plaza, the hotel and restaurant Theoxenia).



tourlida_resize   It is 5 km from the city and the journey is fascinating, because the paved road goes into the lagoon. It took its name from a type of sea birds that were there the "Curlews". You will see the Black Salt. They called "black" because the salt is lower in quality than the White, the other salt lake located on the road to Etoliko. Handsome is the settlement of Tourlida with wooden houses (pelades), where many spend their holidays . Today is the beach of Missolonghi. Tourlida until 1885 was an island. There he anchored the boat, before the harbor, and from there the waters are very shallow. The road which joined the city created by the excavations, made for the construction of the Port. To Curlew are two bars and restaurants and a cafeteria.