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We host volunteer for the national team of Cuba

hosttown special-olympics-2011a

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Messolonghi welcomed the Cuban mission to the Special Olympics 2011


At Missolonghi is today (Wednesday 22 / 6) mission of Cuba to participate in Special Olympics 2011 in Athens.

The mission hosted at Missolonghi in the 'City - Amphitryon »(HOST TOWN), which aims to offer a unique opportunity for International Shipping to be accommodated in different cities and islands of Greece, before the official start of the Games in Athens.

The mission members will tour the sights during the weekend of their stay in Mesolongi.Tha should be noted that for his participation in the program Missolonghi decisive was the sponsorship of the owners of the hotel "Theoxenia" given the full cost of residence for members of the mission.


SW: "A strong education means strong Greece"
The problems facing education today at every level of employment the work of the conference conducted in the afternoon Friday, May 6, at Missolonghi, the Department of Education NODE Aitolo / ment of the Southwest, in collaboration with DAKE A / primary and secondary / Secondary Education of the county.
Keynote speaker was the Deputy Head of Sector Education and MP Karditsa, S. Taliadouros and speeches by the Head of Department of Education NODE Dimitris Tsamis , MP, K. Karagounis , by DAKE A / ELME the C. Sotirakopoulos , the chairman of DAKE B / ELME,  Ch. Rachiotis , the chairman of the GOP - TEI Missolonghi, I. Kalopitas , while his collaboration with former Secretary of State spoke warmly of the President of TEI Messolongi Vang. Citizen - Stergiou.

The chairman of NODE, Costas Syrros in his speech, mentioned the election promises of the current Government to upgrade and create new conditions, while tazontas increases costs and total solutions to problems. Instead, today parents, pupils and teachers are faced with deadlock and confusion. Under the pretext of economic crisis, B / thmies schools closed or merged, clear operating framework for higher education there, and the sweeping changes that are coming will probably create rather than solve problems either in social or in education.
As the president said the NODE "Education is about the future of the country and there should be focusing all political forces. The formation of a national policy will be an important legacy for future generations. It is a reality that sometimes we have to recognize. Only then can we overcome the gap in our understanding has to do with important matters of the country such a comprehensive and specific national framework for education. A national strategy to formulate medium and long a path that will stand the test of time and turmoil times reserve. "
Spyros Taliadouros: "The southwest actively supported the Universities'

"Strong literacy means a strong Greece" made ​​immediately after starting the installation of the Sp Taliadouros , while noting that especially in this our country has an advantage directly connected to the same culture. Referring to the intervention by the government of New Democracy especially in Etoloakarnania, stressed that the first time in Aetolia / Date attempted principle of strengthening the existing structures, which are summarized in new buildings, new schools and expanding activities in the TEI Missolonghi, and the establishment of the University of Western Greece.
The increased funding by 52% in universities and 86% in TEI also demonstrates the importance and priority given. The effort, however, as he said, after 2009 remained unused. Moreover, the continuing "turmoil" in the field, create uncertainty and confusion, reinforced by the demonstrated inability to cover even their basic needs. Faced with this climate, the government decisions taken literally in the leg responds with unsubstantiated closures and mergers of schools across the country, cuts testing centers disabled, shrinking funds and failure to identify the number of students in higher education.
"The New Republic, "noted culminating in his speech, Deputy Head of Sector, "is in constant dialogue with teachers at all levels to shape the final proposals for education. In any case, the goal of quality and striving to upgrade, either through the technical infrastructure, either by strengthening the necessary manpower. All these, of course, should be placed in a realistic and workable framework. Especially for misguided mergers and terminations of schools, noted that there will be a review based on criteria and where necessary. "
The work of the conference concluded with a discussion that followed, which included teachers, representatives of institutions and students of TEI Missolonghi.


Verification tests of the new School of SAARC Arbitration

In the presence of instructors Arbitration Arbitration for Development of EPO, Christopher Painter and Chrysostom Manthou, made a few days before the tests of the new School of Arbitration organized with separate success, this year the Arbitration Committee under the aegis of the SAARC and IHL / EPO. Present outside of these trainers, the president of the Football Associations Aitoloakarnanias Takis Papachristos who attaches great importance to the training of referees, united with the Board Union, the President of the Arbitration Committee Tsassis Mr. Costas, the chairman of the QMS Aitolo / ment, Mr. George Karagiannis, responsible for the operation of the school teacher EPO Mr. Nikolaos Lytras EPO and instructors at the school, George Tapratzis, Tomaras Spyros Kapsalis Panagiotis parvovirus Rentifis Basil and Constantine.

The tests were high and out under the guidance of FIFA and UEFA, and within the single framework of the new arbitration system, the treaty recently signed by the OP and our country. Tests conducted for the first time ever with great solemnity in the ceremony hall of the hotel "Theoxenia" at Missolonghi. Of the fifty prospective referees attended the examinations 44 and 39 passed, a fact unprecedented in the Union and the link arbitrators.

The thread in the trials 'cut off' first, candidates referees Kolosionis Panagiotis and ECMR Anastasia with 19/20, followed by the 18/20 Psichogios Demetrios Zois Trimponis Galanopoulos and George. Note that final-year students of the School, who did not attend for a good reason to consider, will be able to pass the test with prospective arbitrators another school, to be conducted under the auspices of IHL EPO, in Greece.
The next day the teacher Arbitration EPO Mr. Christopher Painter former international referee, spoke at a concentration of arbitrators in the hall of the Association of Arbitrators in Agrinio.
Also, IDD Agrinio, made ​​the assessment tests for all referees and students of the faculty panel. The presence of all was compulsory in the local arbitration committee to have a picture of the readiness of the arbitrators. On race tests which was crowned with great success and made ​​under the guidance of coach referees George Constantinou not participated rated referees and assistants Super League, who had been racing tests in Ioannina. Those who did not attend rightly, will come to fight, Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at 14:30 in the same place.

Series was again the training of referees in theoretical level with modern audio-visual teaching aids. Taught by well-established arbitration trainer, former international referee and member of the CGC / EPO Athanase Briakos, the packed hall of Association Football Referees Aitoloakarnania Prefecture, where it was created crowded.
The bar from the State Union of Football Associations Aitoloakarnanias has placed too high, as leaders of the Union and the Arbitration Committee, have spent a great effort to through it to spring up the referees, who will represent the next decade and beyond, the aitoloakarnaniki arbitration in the National Championships.

The cutting of the cake of Commerce and Industry Association

MESOLOGGI 8/2/2011                                     PRESS RELEASE
On Sunday 06/02/2011 at the Hotel "Theoxenia" the Association business manager JP Missolonghi held successfully for another year on New Year's cake which was attended by the majority of the members the Association and major players in the city and county. Among them was the PASOK MP Mr. Giannaka Sophia, MP LD Mr. Konstantinos Karagounis, Mayor JP Missolonghi Mr. Katsoulis Panagiotis, Deputy Mayor Mr Dimitrios Kotantakis, Regional Director, Mr. Georgios Papanastasiou, deputy secretary of EERA Mr. Elias Pavlidis, President of the Chamber of Ait / nias k . Panagiotis Tsichritzis, the deputy director of the Police Department Ait / ment Demetrios Athanasios, a representative of 2 / 39 Evzone "Col Karachristos" and the politicians Karapanos Mr. Nicholas and Mr. Fotopoulos Apostolos.Katopin was Entrepreneurial activity in businessman Georgios Papadopoulos, owner of the plumbing company "George Smith" and then became an honorary distinction in landscape Panagiotis Athanasiou, in recognition of his talent and sensitivity, which successfully emerge from the globally recognized art it.

Even in highly emotional climate, winning the retired merchant of 2010 and finally received 3 vouchers worth 100 € to 3 lucky attendees who will be redeemed in gold town.
The event was covered by TV channels and LEPANTO ACHELOOS T.V. For the Board THE PRESIDENT THE GEN. SECRETARY PASIOPOULOS Konstantinos Spyropoulos VASILIS


7th International Summer Seminar Anosogennetikis (7th Summer School on Immunogenetics)




Many days the "Limnothalassiotika 2010" at Missolonghi


We host the national championship Canoe Kayak


Top destination for aquatic destination Lagoon Missolonghi - Etolikou

"The Lokantiera" on Tuesday 22 / 6 at Missolonghi




At Missolonghi the theatrical premiere of "My friend Lefterakis"



The meeting held on 30/03/2010 from LUCC Aitolo county / ment


Speech by Michael Chrysohoidis at Missolonghi 5/3/2010



Make a three-day educational seminar for people with disorders of the spectrum of autism in 19, 20 and 21 February 2010. Holy Metropolis of Aetolia and Acarnania .


We host the Basketball Teams



We host the National Team Canoe - Kayak



The Hotel Theoxenia sponsor hospitality Mesolonghi Carnival



25 - 01 to 2010 Presentation of company's products ORIFLAME




We host the National Serbian Canoe - Kayak





2-4 December 2009 Meeting of Presidents TEI








09/10/11 October 2009 Seminar on autism conducted by the Agency "St. Luke Crimea

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